Addictions Workshop in Rosarito, for the General Public

Addictions workshop in Rosarito

Hi, It's for people that are concerned about a friend or family member with addictive behavior, or for people that are concerned about their own use of alcohol, drugs, or other possible addictions. I attached the flyer in case you or someone you know is interested. David and Bunny Torrez are the presenters, and I'll be the guest speaker. Dave and Bunny have extensive experience in the recovery community in roles such as sponsor. My addictions work includes clinical coordination of drug treatment programs and direct treatment.

My presentation includes how shimmering can be a part of addiction recovery.

Interesting features of the workshop:

It includes recent scientific information that offers hope.

It is realistic about the challenges involved.

It doesn't preach "one solution" for everyone, but offers many ideas and tools.


Date: Tuesday, April 17, 2012.
Time: 10:00 - 1:30
Location: Rosarito Beach Hotel, Quijote Salon

Contact me or Dave and Bunny, 508/299-3592, for more information.