A Little Darwin Day Gift: Colorized Portrait

Darwin colorized

A couple Darwin Days ago, I was playing hookey and colorized an old portrait of Darwin while chatting with friends. It's nice how you can split between verbal and non-verbal behavior, isn't it? It just occurred to me that I should post it for anyone to use, say, to spruce up a blog post or evolution website. It's up to you.

Colorizing photos is therapy! I don't do it much, because so many things are even more therapeutic. I didn't try to be realistic with the background or coat color; I just went with how I felt. Nice skin tone though, eh?

I release all intellectual property rights real or imagined (if any even exist for colorizing something you didn't own in the first place).

If you want to get deeper into evolution, have you thought about why we itch for no apparent reason? I went into the matter for no good reason here:

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