Trigger Alert, but No Reveal: The Counselor (the Movie)

Cameron Diaz makes love to a Ferrari

I want to warn you about the movie The Counselor--even if you're aching to see Cameron Diaz make love to a Ferrari's windshield while mesmerizing Javier Bardem. The warning is not because the movie pretends to be deep, and not because it's directed by Ridley Scott, who made an awfully scientifically inept science fiction movie called Prometheus (and as a result is now scorned by geeks), and not because of the many bad reviews. I'm warning you because there is one traumatic scene in particular that could really get inside your head and be hard to get rid of. I won't do any reveals, but I do want to warn you. As a therapist, I learn about some really terrible things. Our profession has a risk of vicarious trauma. As it turns out, I have a pretty strong stomach, maybe by temperament, and certainly with the help of shimmering. Nonetheless, I found that scene to be really nasty, like a song you can't get out of your head, but way worse. So have others. I have never been left with an effect like that from a movie before.

If you are traumatized by a movie or through any other medium, you can fix that more easily if you know how to shimmer. My workbook that teaches you how is on my site.

An interesting thing about the main ingredient of shimmering, which is desensitization, is that it works best after the memory has had some time to consolidate. This doesn't seem to match what I know about how memory works, but this is something a lot of folks have noticed. Therapists that do EMDR know a "recent events protocol" that can help in a lot of cases. There is even experimentation going on with a drug that prevents the traumatic aspect of a memory from having an impact, if you take the drug soon enough after the trauma--but that's something for the future.

So, I'm sorry if you were hot to see Brad Pit, Penelope Cruz, or any of the other stars that grace the film. But, unless you have a very high tolerance for cinema-trauma, I strongly encourage you to take a pass, especially since you may not have been challenged at this level before