Oct. 12, 2011: Rosarito News in English, CNR TV 54

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Oct. 12, 2011

This edition mostly has various local items. In part 2, however, I add an important piece to understanding the laws regarding abortion. It's a follow up from last week, when we covered the misconceptions about the Supreme Court allowing anti-abortion laws to stand.

Part I

City is 90% Prepared for Rainy Season

Program Discovers Sports Talent, Improves Fitness in Youth

2012 Budget Includes Financial Aid to Needy Seniors

Hugo Torres: Action Needed on Hawkers (Jaladores) in Puerto Nuevo and Other Areas


Part 2

Mexican Passport Office Opens in Rosarito: Generates Local Employment, Funds (Additionsl commentary clarifies differences between passports and visas.)

Department of Education Recommends Communication Between Parents and Teens (Interviews with kids included)

Abortion and the Supreme Court: Existing Federal Law Requires Controception or Abortion if Desired after Rape, Officials Interfere in Some Regions (added commentary)