November 22, 2011 Broadcast

Rosarito CNR News in English, Presented by Robert Yourell

November 22, 2011 Broadcast
Part 1 of 2

Assistance to needy people in Plan Liberatador. Interview: Javier Hernandez Tobalina, President Of United For Rosarito

$4,000,800 M.N. invested by city in infrasctructure. Focusing on eight areas that are especially in need. Interview: Pablo Cota, director of Social Development (Desarrollo Social Municipal)

Stinky water! We interview residents in the north Benito Jarez Boulevard area.

AMAR: Promoting tourism and retirement in Rosarito from Americans and Canadians.

Interview: Lic. Javier Govi, founder and CEO of AMAR, the Mexican Association for Retirement Communities. AMAR is the first national, nonprofit organization committed exclusively to this industry in Mexico. the first national organization to address the demographic trends in the 50+ sector and the impact on Mexico. AMAR 2011 Conference: Javier Godinez

Part 2 of 2

How do municipals size up the accomplishments of the administration's first year? Various interviews, including Mayor Robles. What does quince ayuntamento mean?

Senior citizens meet with the mayor and councilman Antonio Aguirre Serret to discuss issues. Takes place through the organization Alegria Amor en la Esperanza, which roughly translates to happiness and Love in Hope.

Seven years of pot holes! Residents of the Lucio Blanco neighborhood are complaining, along with taxi drivers that are tired of replacing tires and wheels.

Interviews with residents. "Ay, Dios mio!"

Charities working extra hard during the holiday season: The Red Cross recently held their christmas bazarr at the Salon de las Americas of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. CNR cameras were on the scene.

The Red Cross is a very important institution in Rosarito and in mexico in general. in Mexico, it has responsibilities that are very expanded, compared to what it does in the U.S. residents rely on it for every day medical services and life-threatening emergencies. The Red Cross meets regularly to arrange volunteer projects and have presentations. You can help Cruz Roja simply by visiting their thrift store just a couple doors east of the Waldos store.