Jan. 10, 2012: Rosarito News in English, CNR TV 54

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Plans for police protection: New depots. Interview: Magdaleno Vasquez Luis, Director, Public Safety Dept.

From Migrants to Rosarito: What is the effect of money from migrants in the U.S. on the local economy? It's the second largest source of foreign exchange after oil exports. So why are migrants neglected when they are deported back to Mexico? Is the amount of money increasing or decreasing?

Amnesty and other programs for tax debtors. Interview: Manuel Zermeño, City Treasurer.

Progress on the city hall elevator.

Disabilities in Mexico: Progress and challenges.

Marine poaching. Interview: Carlos Fernandez, Secretary of State Fisheries and Aquculture

Rights of the elderly: New law includes more financial support.

Celene group and support for children of women with breast cancer. Interview: Francisco Sandoval, representative, Celene Group

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