I'm Robert A. Yourell and I go by Bob. I maintain this site for visitors that want to find ideas, news or resources that I offer.

My career in the mental health field has involved roles ranging from psychotherapist to program director in areas such as employee assistance, chemical dependency, and trauma. I have worked with diverse populations including couples, families with troubled adolescents, military, police officers, and executives. I provide presentations on subjects such as trauma, stress management, recovery (including brain injury recovery) and communication, and have special programs now available that include live musical performance.

A key theme for me is desensitization, which has much more to offer people than meets the eye. It can have very dramatic results for many people, and can also be a valuable self-care tool that I'd like to see everyone learn.

As a multi-talented creative person, I participate in a variety of media or expressive projects. Most recently, I have carved out a great deal of time to upgrade my musical skills, producing an act I call Bobby Heyday, which will dovetail with my presentations. I have enjoyed playing for residents of a skilled nursing facility with Alzheimer's. It is remarkable to see the effect of golden era jazz and Latin classics on people who normally do not engage in much spontaneous activity.

I have created a variety of recordings. Right now, only one is available for sale. It is a pattern of bilateral sound that can help people do desensitization, called Uplevel: EMDR-Inspired Stable Bilateral Soundspace. Examples of my audio work are on MySpace, which is now an audio platform.

I have continuing education materials available for purchase on Amazon.com. Credits are granted through CEU providers.

As a result of injuries that I experienced some years ago, you could say I took a very extended sabbatical from curating and producing online resources, and this including the termination of a site called Psych Innovations, because of administrative headaches partly stemming from hacking and an unfortunate disaster caused by a technical consultant. I will be selectively adding resources such as earlier recordings as time allows.

Feel free to contact me regarding your needs for presentations, counseling, or consultation at 619-677-6970, or toll free, 877/266-8880. I am licensed (LMFT) to practice in California and am also authorized in Mexico.