I am licensed in California as a marriage and family therapist, and authorized in Mexico to provide psychotherapy. I am available by phone and face-to-face in the Rosarito and Tijuana areas for English-speaking individuals and families. I am very experienced, and more on my background is on my Contact/Bio Page.

I provide skills and practices that people expect from better therapists. For example I make sure that we have a clear plan that makes sense in the real world. I take care of things like knowing what the psychiatrist or other people involved (now or in the past) believe is important. I stay up-to-date on research and thinking in the field, which (contrary to the stereotype) is exciting and evolving. I know that, while our thoughts are important in getting results, our unconscious patterns and our environments are also very important. "Homework" helps people become more independent, and get more progress in between sessions. This saves time and builds hope.

For many clients, one of the most important things is to "desensitize" charged memories. It's kind of like getting an electrician to make sure there are no live wires sticking out of the wall, so you can walk through the hallway without getting shocked. When traumatic memories no longer "shock" us, they become wisdom. Many problems are much easier to deal with when we take care of this first. This can save a lot of time and suffering. There are very effective methods for doing this, and they don't require a "catharsis" (being expected to cry, pound on a pillow, etc.)

I include things that therapists sometimes ignore or don't understand. For example, we all have different strengths and weaknesses in our brain function. Small impacts or pinpoint-sized brain problems can reduce some of our thinking skills or memories. For some clients, getting recovery going for this problem is essential in overcoming the problems at hand. Real-world problems like poor sleep can have a huge impact as well. I make sure that my clients are taking care of things that would interfere with solving their problems. Where sleep is concerned, I provide recordings that can improve "sleep hygiene" since poor sleep can really hold people back. These are just two examples.

Family and relationship issues can require a great deal of sensitivity in order to succeed. Anger, alcohol, and trauma are some of the most touchy problems. I take great care to help everyone participate in a constructive, strategic way, and to stay motivated. This can involve a big focus on improving the self esteem of the more "reactive" family member; teaching the family member that is most motivated develop the skills they need to deal with other family members that are less sophisticated; and mediation while everyone gets to a new level of skill and stability.

Many of our problems get stuck because our creativity is dampened. When our creativity gets going, we feel hopeful and liberated. There are some wonderful and easy ways to open up our problem-solving creativity as a part of therapy.

I am happy to provide a consultation by phone. This can help you with referrals to the help or resources you need, and with ideas that help you get pointed in the right direction. Sometimes, a little information can go a long way. It's OK to write or call. My contact information is here.