Shimmering Workshops

Easy-to-Use Advanced Stress Management

There are no public workshops available now, but private organizations can contact us for workshops.

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Shimmering, full sample experience: Uses bilateral sound with mindfulness meditation. 5 min. It's the first track of my double album Shimmering :Eliminate Stress and Experience Advanced Meditation.

This is a way to get started with Shimming:The Shimmering Workbook, online now:

Below is some of the information that goes into the announcements of our workshops.

Advanced stress management with
surprising results.

An entertaining and
informative presentation.

This is not a teaser,
this is a complete workshop.

The response continues to be very positive: not just to the workshop, but about the results.

The participants have been sharing news of good results, including dramatic reduction of a phobia for a person that was certain it would never change, and didn't even work directly on it. How could a fear improve, without working directly on it? Find out at the workshops!

You don't need to have been to a previous workshop.

As always, this is not a therapy group, so there is no pressure to reveal personal things. These workshops teach skills to the general public that are not very widely known. Other programs that include some of  these skills usually bundle them with extra, unnecessary beliefs and activities. In shimmering, the focus is on "active ingredients." We include very interesting scientific background and practice of useful skills.

The workshop is geared for people with a good amount of life experience. It is appropriate for people that are skeptical, because it has good scientific support. (Your instructor develops continuing education programs and follows the clinical literature.) You will be surprised how many uses there are for these techniques.

It's thrilling how much progress the field of psychology has made in accomplishing these things in an efficient way. As a therapist, I have taught thousands of clients over many years.

When we cover the scientific basis for the methods, we will also show how these techniques can be used by groups to promote superstitious beliefs. You will learn to recognize them in numerous situations. This will sharpen your "B.S. detector" and may allow you to help others save a lot of time and money (and maybe even their lives).

Your Presenter

Robert A. Yourell has been in the mental health field since the 1970s. He has worked with military, police, and other populations, dealing with trauma, relationship problems, and other areas. He creates professional continuing education programs, and provides therapy in Rosarito. He has presented for major corporations and government agencies.

Call me with any questions: 619/677-6970