Shimmering Workshop in Rosarito March 12, 2012

Beautiful Rosarito location not far from the border

Dear Friends,

Our Next Shimmering Workshop

Monday, March 12, 2012,

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

1 Mile south of the Rosarito Beach Hotel
(DIRECTIONS are at the end of the message, and attached for printing.)

This is going out to everyone that has expressed interest in my shimmering workshops (and that have participated).

We had a good turn out, and the response was very positive, so we are doing another. This can be ongoing, so we'll make it easier: It will be from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. If you have time for lunch, we'll adjourn to a nearby eatery.

We have already had participants get rid of anxiety, a behavior addiction, and problems with procrastination. As a therapist, I have come to take such improvements for granted, but if you aren't used to it, it's counter-intuitive.

Helpful Background Info

You don't need to have been to a previous workshop.

By popular demand, this workshop will include a special focus on something called Timeline work. It is a great part of shimmering, and it is right lin line with the new discoveries of how our minds organize our abilities. It's interesting and fun.

As always, this is not a therapy group, so there is no pressure to reveal personal things. These workshops teach skills to the general public that are not very widely known. Other programs that include some of  these skills usually bundle them with extra, unnecessary beliefs and activities. In shimmering, the focus is on "active ingredients." We include very interesting scientific background and practice of useful skills. Everyone gets a copy of UpLevel, the bilateral sound for inner work.

Who this is for

The workshop is geared for people with a good amount of life experience. It is appropriate for people that are skeptical, because it has good scientific support. (Your instructor develops continuing education programs and follows the clinical literature.)  You will be surprised how many uses there are for these techniques.

These workshops teach you to do each of the following:

  • Rebound from psychological stress or threat
  • Reduce an Anxiety or Fear
  • Mentally Prepare to Perform or Meet a Major Challenge
  • Build More Psychological Resilience
  • Do Advanced Stress Management (more technically advanced than meditation)
  • De-escalate people that may become dangerous.

It's thrilling how much progress has been made in accomplishing these things in an efficient way. As a therapist, I have taught thousands of clients over many years.

When we cover the scientific basis for the methods, we will also show how these techniques can be used by groups to promote superstitious belliefs. You will learn to recognize them in numerous situations. This will sharpen your "B.S. detector" and may allow you to help others save a lot of time and money (and maybe even their lives).

Bonuses: You will get my top-selling UpLevel CD and a way to get a free copy of my Shimmering I: Eliminate Stress and Experience Advanced Meditation that provides guided practice, deeply relaxing sessions, and even more presentation time.

Fee: Only $10.00 (free or donation if you are financially distressed). Why so low? I am introducing myself to the community as a mental health professional (authorized to practice in Mexico).

Reserve your seat 

Via PayPal: Click Here

Or call 619-677-6970, or respond to this email for other methods. Reserve your place in the workshop as much in advance as possible.

Your presenter:

Robert A. Yourell has been in the mental health field since the 1970s. He has worked with military, police, and other populations, dealing with trauma, relationship problems, and other areas. He creates professional continuing education programs, and provides therapy in Rosarito. He has presented for major corporations and government agencies.


The La Jolla del Mar buildings in Rosarito at km 29.5. Scroll down for complete directions. will be provided to registrants.

In the meantime, you can explore these sounds and other resources, or call or write with any questions or comments.

Shimmering, full sample experience: Uses bilateral sound with mindfulness meditation. 5 min. It's the first track of my double album Shimmering : Eliminate Stress and Experience Advanced Meditation. 

This is a way to get started with Shimming: The Shimmering Workbook, developing online now: