Trigger Alert, but No Reveal: The Counselor (the Movie)

Cameron Diaz makes love to a Ferrari

I want to warn you about the movie The Counselor--even if you're aching to see Cameron Diaz make love to a Ferrari's windshield while mesmerizing Javier Bardem. The warning is not because the movie pretends to be deep, and not because it's directed by Ridley Scott, who made an awfully scientifically inept science fiction movie called Prometheus (and as a result is now scorned by geeks), and not because of the many bad reviews.

An Emerging Force in Psychotherapy and Personal Development

Confluence refers to technologies merging into a new combination. Consider dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), in which psychosocial education looms larger than perhaps any other therapy. Especially at the outset, DBT relies on education because it is for people that do not do well with talk therapy or somatic therapy. This is a big step up from bibliotherapy, in which the therapist recommends a book that will help with therapy in some way.

Shimmering Workshop in Rosarito, Monday April 9, 2012

The next Rosarito Shimmering Workshop is coming up. Full details are here.

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